The Family Crest

The Crest displayed throughout this site was conceived, designed and drawn by our very own, Cloman Hines. The following is a copy of the original drawing and it's meaning.

Life is made up of Building BLOCKS. And in every structure there are CORNERSTONES. They are your FOUNDATION And are represented by the SOLID BLOCKS, which signifies FAMILY.
Out of the Family comes FAITH, Which is represented by the UNSEEN BLOCKS, For Faith is something you believe in, That your eyes do not see. Out of Faith comes RELIGION, Which is represented by the CROSS. LONGEVITY is TIME. Which is represented by the PYRAMID And the Sun makes it CELESTIAL, The first element of Creation, of which no life can exist without... So, put on your whole ARMOR of GOD And like the CARDINAL, Soar. So that you may be able to see distant things and return home and sing.
  Cloman Hines
Cloman has since departed this life, for glory and reward in the hands of the Father. We are proud to bear his ideals and will continue to carry his crest, and indeed his love for family forward, Generation to Generation.


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